The Society of Artist Agents (SAA)

Established in 1992, The SAA are a society of like-minded British illustrators' agents and our aim is to promote the use of quality illustration and encourage the very highest standards of professionalism for the mutual benefit of clients, illustrators and agents. We encourage the commissioning of illustration, respecting its history and appreciating of its constantly evolving nature. We aim to nurture new talent as well as promoting established artists throughout the world. 

At the heart of the SAA there has always been a keen interest in combating unethical contracts and in 2009, after working closely with a group of contract lawyers and the AOI, we unveiled our new contracts for Agents, Artists and Clients to utilize better working practices. 

We challenge fee erosion, inequitable contracts and business practices and we are strongly against artists undertaking unpaid work of any kind. We meet regularly to exchange views, discuss industry-wide concerns, advise and support each other. Together with the AOI, we formed Pro-Action, Visual Artists in Business Campaign and Liason Group and in collaboration with other like minded bodies we continue to actively campaign to protect the rights of artists, particularly in the area of copyright and intellectual property. 

As the group of leading illustrators agents in the UK, we invite creative graduates nationwide, to attend portfolio surgeries. This programme gives students an insight into what agents and commissioners look for in an illustrator’s portfolio and advised them to tailor their work, giving them a head start in industry. Many of our members have strong links with University Course Leaders, often giving talks and offering work experience to students. Some of our members are on the board of the AOI, many are involved in their educational events.

British Copyright Council (BCC)

The BCC was established in 1965 and is a national consultative and advisory body representing organisations of copyright owners and performers and others interested in copyright in the UK.

It lobbies the British Government, the European Commission and Parliament and international bodies such as the World Intellectual Property Organisation on matters of copyright and related issues. AOI contributes to the BCC’s submissions to the Intellectual Property Office’s consultations, as well as responding directly. AOI were BCC Director for visual arts from 2009-2012.

Creators' Rights Alliance (CRA)

The CRA brings together the major organisations representing copyright creators and content providers throughout the media, and campaigns to support and improve creators' rights in all media.

European Illustrators Forum (EIF)

EIF is a group of 17 associations formed to safeguard illustrators' rights and to assist the continental promotion of illustration through the co-ordinated action of member associations on a local level, and with a series of common initiatives on an international level. AOI was a founding member of EIF.