AOI Campaigning

The AOI actively campaigns to maintain and protect the rights of our members. These are increasingly under threat, for example in the form of copyright assignment agreements and potentially damaging orphaned works legislation.

AOI is a member of the British Copyright Council and Creators’ Rights Alliance who lobby government on copyright and related issues and the European Illustrators Forum. AOI was also a member of the Pro-Action Campaign and Liaison Group.

As the only body to represent illustrators and campaign for their rights in the UK, the AOI has successfully increased the standing of illustration as a profession and improved the commercial and ethical conditions of employment for illustrators. It helped to establish the secondary rights arm of the Designers and Artists Copyright Society, (DACS), the UK visual arts collecting society, which resulted in the annual Payback initiative which pays illustrators for photocopying of their works.

Responsible for establishing the rights of illustrators to retain ownership of their artwork, the AOI aims to expose and resist rights abuses and exploitative practices within the industry whenever they occur. On behalf of its members, and with their continued support, the AOI can attempt things that it would be difficult or impossible individually. As part of the BCC, for example, the AOI is able to lobby parliament for changes in UK law, aligning it more closely with those of our European neighbours, widely seen as more creator friendly. AOI have produced a Code of Practice for member agents to promote good practice within the illustration industry, and inform illustrators what should be expected from an agent.

image by www.ppaint.net