Who’s that man?

Kolla! poster

Kolla! poster

The mystery man, who’s legs were on display in the Notebook section of Varoom 10, can be revealed as David Shrigley, keynote  speaker at the Swedish Kolla! seminar. Shrigley displayed sound illustrations of smashing wineglasses, when the Swedish Association of Illustrators and Graphic Designers (Svenska Tecknare) held their annual event Kolla! in Stockholm.

?For a second one could have thought that it was Shrigley himself who had asked different people in the audience to kick their glasses every now and then. In reality, it was because people had put their glasses on the floor –  there was no other place to put them.??Anyhow, his speech was inspiring and his humour was appreciated by the Swedish audience.??

Kolla! is both a competition and a seminar about illustration and graphic design. The competition attracts about 500 entries, and has become the most prestigious event in the field. You can view all nominees and winners at  www.kolla.se

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