Bring the NOISE

AOI Member Rebecca Manley was recently commissioned to do some window displays for the NOISE Festival in Manchester.


She has this to say:

Two million people walk down Manchester’s Market St each month so when I was commissioned to install a window display in one of it’s shops I knew I’d have to make something that would stand out from the high street shops. The shop in question was the new Free Arts Lab, a pop-up shop / art gallery / workshop space run by NOISE Festival. As the materials budget was minimal I decided on cardboard being the best material to use. Days before the build I made plenty of cardboard contacts and spent 2hrs (!) in a photocopying shop upscaling the font. I intended for the window to be jam-packed so it called for three-dimensional text and clever / invisible hanging texhniques. It was a fun job to work on but I’ll never look at a cardboard box in the same way again.



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