The Inspirational Moustache – book review

Edited by Ziggy Hanaor

Published by Cicada Books ISBN-13: 978-0956205353

Review by Derek Brazell

As an office containing two beardy men, a book on ‘the moustache’ was bound to catch our eyes. A moustache can make the upper lip a form of contention, and the short introduction makes this clear while charting the recent up and down history of the moustache.


Handy growing, grooming and shaping tips are light hearted, but actually pretty serious and the photos and illustrations are great. Portraits of men brave enough to proudly go for the more ‘bold’ moustache bring a smile to the face.


Even cats with moustaches get a look in, and instructions on how to knit and crochet your own mean that even the less hirsute can get that top lip working! It’s funny and surely a top simple present for any man (or woman, let’s not get too gender specific here) in your life.


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