FRAUDULENT COMMISSIONS ALERT! (please circulate/re-tweet)

We have been receiving and increasing number of pricing enquiries from our members that are becoming a concern and we would appreciate if you could spread the word for your own safety as well as your peers.

People posing as Art Directors and/or Commissioners have been emailing from African and eastern European countries offering  enticing commissions such as 48-sheet billboard advertising campaigns, for very high fees. They seem to have convincing websites set up as a point of reference that we suspect may or may not be a front for something else altogether. Our members have reported that, once they had shown interest in the job,  they were then asked to provide the following sensitive information before they commence work:

  • scan of their passport for security reasons for international employment
  • bank details to make a one time payment of £15 to post the contract to them
  • instructing the illustrator to use a specific courier for delivering roughs or prints in large quantities

The wording of the emails themselves are fairly convincing and unlike the normal scam emails everyone gets in their junk mail.

We cannot be sure that these emails are actual scams, but such requests for these details are both unnecessary and also highly inappropriate. We would urge caution from all Illustrators and also, please spread this warning to everyone you know. Include a note on your blog, Facebook and Twitter account if possible.

In these trying times, such high-profile commissions are very attractive to graduates especially and could easily lead to exploitation.

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