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Members – Creating a web presence

Monday, July 28th, 2014

If you are a newcomer to the world of illustration or just looking to reboot your professional career, creating and maintaining a strong online presence will be crucial to your success.

One of the more frustrating things I learned during my lengthy stint as an agent is that commissioners often have quite a narrow agenda when looking at illustrators’ work. With advancing technology and market forces dramatically shrinking the size of the average art department over the past few years, most designers are busier than ever – and commissioning illustration is but one item on their heaving agenda. The days when they could afford to dedicate a day to viewing portfolios while dispensing nuggets of wisdom to nascent talent are now sadly gone. Consequently all that’s going through most of their minds when viewing a body of work at breakneck speed is, “Is this illustrator any good, and have I got anything on at the moment I could use them for?”

More available at the Members Section.

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Topolski Studio’s ‘The Chronicle Residency Programme’

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Following the success of the pilot scheme last year, Topolski studio and Reportager are running the 2nd Chronicle Residency Programme.

Over the next few months Illustration graduates, Ed Burn, Luisa Crosbie, Pat Macdonald, Jack Miller, Jack Wheatley and Georgia Wilson will be drawing in and around London culminating in a printed Chronicle and exhibition at the Topolski Studio on the South bank on 3rd October 2014


Sixty years since Topolski launched his Chronicles, Topolski Studio’s Chronicle for the Twenty-First Century and accompanying reportage drawings of London will be exhibited alongside Feliks Topolski’s original Chronicles and drawings, contrasting what Topolski recorded 50 and 60 years ago with what the young artists’ record today.

Alumni from the first residency programme will also be exhibiting. Matt Booker, Laura Fitton, Josh Morris, Alex Nicholson, Chloë Parke and Louis Vinet, will be showing work one year on from their participation in the Programme.

Andrea Marie, the education officer at Topolski Studio, Gary Embury editor of, and other master class artists, including Lucinda Rogers, Anne Howeson, Julia Midgley and Chloe Regan will be working with the residents towards producing the hand-printed Chronicle, a broadsheet of reportage drawing, chronicling contemporary issues of the Twenty-First Century.


The residents were led on a Dérive last week by Gary Embury, starting from Topolski’s studio on the Southbank over the bridge, through Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, China Town, and eventually drawing back towards the Southbank. They then recorded through drawing the 70th birthday celebrations of renowned poet David Constantine as part of the South Bank Centre’s Poetry International event at the Royal festival hall.

As part of the Dérive, a Drawing Peloton was formed in homage to the Tour de France, winding its way through Trafalgar Square. Residents formed a moving reportage crocodile whereby each resident used the artists back in front to rest their sketchbook whilst walking and drawing the surroundings. The lead artist dictated the route, peeling off the front to join the rear when necessary. Drafting was encouraged and no accidents were reported, although many tourists were bemused by the spectacle.

Gary Embury


Varoom 26 out now

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014


‘Style’ – the ‘look’ that washes up in our daily digital newsletters, the ‘must-have’ for clients, the big question that haunts illustration. Varoom puts on its deerstalker, grabs its pipe and goes in search of ‘Style’.


Youth culture’s original ‘style bible’ of the 1980s and 1990s is tracked down by Lawrence Zeegen, who shows how illustration gave The Face magazine its visual compass.

Regular contributor, Marian Bantjes, delivers a moody, atmospheric take on Style, and columnist Paul Davis, with tongue firmly in cheek, proposes that as we all have an inherent style, ‘National Personal Total Stylish-Self Day’ should be declared.


Antonio Lopez, who’s style is regarded as the most influential within fashion illustration of the late 20th Century is recognised for his political act of being among the very first to introduce people of colour in to his work. And how Tom of Finland’s representations of gay men are regarded as precursors of the 1960s pride movements.


As fashions in advertising and marketing communications change faster than ever, Varoom asks three agencies about how clients view ‘Style’, and explore how attitudes to ‘Style’ have changed. Arena, Gas, and Illustration Ltd give us an overview of the marketplace, with some eclectic examples.

Varoom 26 is available here as a single issue or on subscription


Upcoming Summer Exhibitions 2014

Friday, July 11th, 2014

William Edmonds, 'Stack'

William Edmonds, 'Stack'

NOUS VOUS ~ ‘A Watery Line’ Exhibition

The Tetley

The Exhibition will run from: 18th July – 31st August 2014

The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

Nous Vous will be exhibiting drawings, painting, prints and objects as well as producing new artwork in an on-site open studio and working with a selection of other artists, to deliver a programme of performances and workshops for two weeks in July.

The exhibition/residency will respond to The Tetley’s history following its recent refurbishment; speculating about its future function and investigating the point where art interacts with everyday life through various forms of ‘making’

Workshops: Sunday 20th July— Peter & Sally Nencini,  Wednesday 23rd July — Joe Gilmore (Qubik),  Friday 25th July — Nous Vous,  Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th July — Kate Gibb,  Wednesday 30th July — Matthew Hodson

All events and workshops are free.

For more information on all events and workshops please check the Nous Vous Website

Headway Flyer

Headway Flyer

HEADWAY – A Group Exhibition

Joshua Brooks

The Exhibition will run from: 5th June – 4th September 2014

An Exhibition being co-curated by Generic Greeting Collective & Not Now

Headway is a showcase of the creative scope that Manchester holds, exhibited on the walls of Joshua Brooks.

The subject matter of the exhibition is featured around the quotation:

“It is a land that God, if he exists, has created in anger.

It’s the only land where creation is unfinished yet.”

– Werner Herzog “Burden of Dreams” (1982).

The exhibition will showcase work by local creatives.




Twenty Twenty Two

The Exhibition will run from: 10th July – 10th August 2014

Generic Greeting Collective’s first pop-up exhibition took place two years ago in Twenty Twenty Two. They are now back to exhibit their first full group exhibition in Manchester. The exhibition will feature new work by Generic Greeting designers, illustrators and artists, including artists such as: Emily Briselden-Waters, Will Berry, Kidmilk, Tim Hopgood, Tash Willcocks, Matt Rowlands, Dan Kimber, Eilis Healy, Harry Mckenzie. Alongside Generic Greeting’s artist’s work will be specially commissioned work by illustrator Tim Hopgood.

The opening night will also feature music by Generic Greeting’s own DJ’s: BIG WAR, SZAJNA, DJ CROWW

High Fives & Good Times by Stefan Glerum

High Fives & Good Times by Stefan Glerum

HIGH FIVES & GOOD TIMES ~ Five Years work by Stefan Glerum

Kemistry Gallery

The Exhibition will run from: 17th July – 16th August 2014, Monday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Stefan Glerum has selected his top works from five years of commissioned and independent work, the separation of which is relatively minute, with his ‘tongue in cheek’ humour present in almost all his artwork. His illustration style sits on the edge of illustration/graphic design history, with his inspirations coming from early 20th Century movements such as Art Deco, Bauhaus and Italian Futurism combined with popular themes. The exhibition will show the natural progressions and changes in his work throughout the five year period, displaying alterations within his colour palettes, the weight and fluidity of his line work and his use of typography through various projects such as poster designs, editorial illustrations and an animated music video.

Saints & Sinners Group Show

Saints & Sinners Group Show

‘SAINTS & SINNERS’ Group Show 2014


The Exhibition will run from: 11th July – 3rd August 2014, Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Saints & Sinners is a group exhibition exploring vice and virtue within the StolenSpace gallery. Their annual Summer Group show features an array of new paintings, sculptures, & mixed-media works, by both our established artists and new emerging talent.

Featuring an eclectic range of illustrators and artists.

Leo Zero

Leo Zero

CUT STUFF UP Exhibition by Leo Zero

Twenty Twenty Two

The Exhibition will run from: 10th July – 9th August 2014, Tuesday – Thursday 4pm – 12am, Friday & Saturday 4pm – 3am

Leo Zero has been heavily involved in the British music scene, producing his own band and also remixing for many well known bands such as Madonna, Bombay Bicycle Club and Florence & The Machine. Leo has also designed for major and independent record labels.

‘Cut Up Stuff’ exhibits collage and graphic art for Heavenly Records, Faith Fanzine, Junior Boys Own, Time-Out, Dazed & Confused, Popular Peoples Front, Red Bull Academy, DJ History, A Mountain of One to name a few.

Illustrators Magazine

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Illustrators Issue 64

David Bromley

From IllustratorsMagazine 1988

From Illustrators Magazine 1988

“Where in the world would a major national newspaper carry a full-page full-colour illustration on the front page? In Australia, that’s where. Top Sydney artist David Bromley plots the highs and lows for illustrators in Australia, and casts a glance at the UK climate.”

In issue 64 of Illustrators illustrator David Bromley discussed the future of illustration in the September/October issue, 1988. Since that day David Bromley has gone on to win several awards for Illustration, including the Gold award for Editorial Cartoon in the World Press Cartoon in Sintra, Portugal, 2005. Currently he is exhibiting in Adelaide Festival Centre in Australia.

David Bromley Exhibition Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre, Australia, 6 – 21st June 2014

Image taken from the Illustrators Magazine 1988.

Image taken from the Illustrators Magazine 1988.

The London Illustration Fair

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Saturday 5th July, 12 – 9pm and Sunday 6th July, 12 – 6pm

Hoxton Arches | Arch 402 | London | E2 8HD

This  Summer Festival showcases the best in illustration, print and graphic design.

With 10 exhibitor stands, the festival features the work of JSR Agency, Brothers of the Stripe, Hero of Switzerland, Hato Press, Campaign for Drawing and East London Printmakers amongst others. The Summer Festival brings together commercial agencies, independent start-ups and charities, celebrating the breadth of illustration and the graphic art practice and its dynamic relationship with contemporary culture.


Featured artist Ruby Taylor will create a tropicana-themed mural designed exclusively for the event, as well as providing some exclusive new prints for The London Illustration Fair Print Shop.

Alongside the exhibitor stands, throughout the weekend there will also be one-on-one ‘drop in’ portfolio tutorials with Handsome Frank Director Tom Robinson, ‘Print Your Own Ice Cream Monster’ with print studio Hello Print, live screening printing with urban illustration junkie Ashes 57 and ‘The Mad Man In A Box Experience’ with political cartoonist Simon Eaves.

Hoxton Arches’ two outside areas will play host to a live mural painting by David Shillinglaw, Brazilian BBQ from the Churasco Gang, live DJs and a summer-stocked bar.

The Festival will also see the launch of The London Illustration Fair’s Print Shop

DACS Payback 2014

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

DACS launches Payback 2014 – over £4m of royalties for published artists, illustrators and photographers.

Payback is an annual scheme provided by DACS, which distributes millions of pounds of royalties to visual artists, illustrators and photographers whose work has been reproduced in UK books or magazines or on certain television channels.

16,000 artists benefitted from Payback in 2013 including photographers, illustrators, painters, cartoonists, craft-makers and sculptors, each receiving an average of £260 each with the highest individual payment of £4100. The total sum of over £4 million was paid to Payback claimants in 2013.

Turner Prize nominee David Shrigley said: “It’s pretty straightforward. You won’t regret doing it: they give you money!”
Marvel Comics cartoonist Kev F Sutherland said “The Payback royalties are perfectly timed for Christmas, which is also when freelance creative types often find a hole in their production (and earning) calendar. Thank DACS for remembering we don’t get paid holidays in our line of work.”

Payback royalties come from revenue generated through collective licensing schemes. Collective licensing is used in situations where it would be difficult or near impossible for visual artists to licence their rights on an individual basis, for example, when an individual wishes to photocopy a page of a book which features their work.
DACS’ Payback campaign runs from July to September each year when visual artists can make their claim. Each December DACS distributes Payback royalties to successful claimants just in time for Christmas.

This year’s Payback deadline is 30 September 2014.

Visual artists who will be claiming Payback for the first time in 2014 can register online at or by email [email protected] For more information, please contact Joanne Milmoe, Communications Manager at DACS on 020 7553 9064 or [email protected]