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Nippo Promo

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Looking through the archives of the AOI members publications, we have discovered an interesting article from Illustrators 58 from May 1987.

Contributor Mike Munday writes about his reaction to a ‘strange Japanese magazine’. The Artworks Committee of Tokyo is a visual feast of artist’s contributions with seven volumes having been published with 25 artists from all over Japan contributing one piece each edition.

The magazine featured a surprising amount of handproduced work, including collages of paper and fabric, line drawings, oil paintings, screenprints, photography and etching. Though what seems to be most fascinating is the subject matter ‘There is quite a strong strain of sexual preoccupation, often crude, sometimes sinister: a close up photo of a Vulva, scribbled over with jagged dayglo pen strokes; a sepia photo of a woman with a (retouched) penis and a cigarette burn on the mount; a condom dipped in blue paint and stuck beside a rather poor drawing of a hand. Such imagery tends to reinforce the impression that some contributions are by young, immature and male artists.’

While there is a clear sexual theme with many of the pieces there is also a balance with many humorous images and what seems to be a fascination with English words and phrases.


Munday continues to explain his general feeling of the work as an ‘Uninformed Westerner’, suspecting that there is not much of a division between illustration and fine art in Japan. But concludes that ‘As an attempt to keep the rest of the world in touch with some of the more intriguing developments in contemporary Japanese art it’s a great idea.’ As a promo it is unique, as it provokes questions so the audience will want answers ‘What is this?’ ‘Who are these people?’ ‘Why a Pink whale?’ and so on. It must be one of the most oddly effective, not to say ambitious teaser campaigns ever.’

Wall to Wall

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

56 Stoke Newington High Street, London ,N16 7PB

Saturday 22nd March 2014 – Sunday 27th April 2014

Opening Times Monday Closed Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 6pm

+44 20 3667 4552

+44 20 3667 4550

This exhibition featuring the work of Banksy, KAWS, Faile, Swoon, Futura, Matt Small, Shepard Fairey, David Choe and Ben Eine is a modern exploration of street art’s diverse nature. Following the steady progression of the movement from the urban surface(s) to the white gallery walls, the show will feature eclectic mix of rare and unseen original works and limited editions.


Deth P. Sun Exhibition

Leeds College of Art, the Gallery, Blenhein Walk, LS2 9AQ

Friday 11th April 2014 – Friday 9th May 2014

Opening Times During term Monday to Thursday 10am to 8pm Friday 10am to 4pm Outside Term Time Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm


Deth P. Sun is a painter/illustrator currently residing in Berkeley, California. Originally from San Diego, Deth studied for two years at San Francisco State University, transferring to the California College of Arts and Crafts, now the California College of the Arts, where he received his BFA in painting and drawing in 2002. He has exhibited his work throughout the U.S. (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Detroit, Portland, New York) and abroad and has contributed artwork to (among other things): Chronicle Books, Giant Robot, Tiny Showcase, Urban Outfitters, Fantagraphics, 826, Poketo, Park Life, The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The LAWeekly, and Nylon Magazine.


Euphoric Trumps

The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 4RJ

Monday 21st April 2014 – Friday 2nd May 2014

Opening Times Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm Saturday & Sunday by appointmebt Only

+44 (0) 207636 7478

Craig Robinson is an artist and illustrator from Lincoln, UK, Currently living in Mexico City. Since 2009 he has been running Flip Flop Fly Ball, a wen site of baseball-themed infographics and artwork and also writing and illustrating four books: Minipops, Fun Fun Fun, Atlas Schmatlas , and Flip Flop Fly Ball/

“The show centres around a collection of new work mostly about England and Mexico, football and drinking, and getting rid of the silly things in my head that are potentially blocking that one great idea that will help cure cancer. Or something like that” Craig Robinson 2014


Niamh Sharkey Laureate na nÓg and Illustrators Ireland

Illustrationcupboard Gallery, 22 Bury Street, St. James’s, London, SW1 6AL

Wednesday 16th April 2014 – Saturday10th May 2014

Opening Times Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6pm Saturdays 11am to 5pm

+44(0)207 976 1727

Niamh Sharkey is one of the leading names for illustration in Ireland and beyond, and has been a driving force for contemporary illustration Art in Dublin since her first book in 1995. Niamh was elected as the Irish Children’s Laureate Laureate na nÓg in 2012, this exhibition celebrates her years as the Laureate with this retrospective exhibition as her time in this role reaches its conclusion. A broad range of her work will be on show reflecting her enduring talent and skill, seen in a variety of books and animation produced over recent years.


AOI AGM tonight

Monday, April 14th, 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting is to be held this evening, and AOI warmly invites all members to attened. The meeting will be held at 6.30 pm at The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street London W1T 4RJ and will last approximately an hour. The nearest tube is Goodge Street on the Northern Line, and Tottenham Street is a short walk from both Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street tube stations.

Come along and meet AOI staff and Board members, we’d be delighted to see you.


1  Present and apologies

2  Minutes and matters arising from last meeting

3  Adoption of Accounts

4  Election of the board

4.1 Retirement of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and other Director as per rotation under Clause 10 of Memorandum and Articles of Association
4.2  Re-Appointment of Directors

4.3  Election of New Directors (recommended by the Board)

5      Any other business

Atop a Hill in Frostville

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Exhibition of the artwork of Daniel Frost’s children’s book

PV is on 17 April at Ti Pi Tin, 47 Stoke Newington High St, London, N16 8EL

spread 4

Daniel Frost has work from his new book on display at Ti Pi Tan. The wordless story starts with a boy and his dog waking up to a sunny morning in the imaginary town of Frostville. It’s too nice a day to stay indoors, but little do they know that an epic chase awaits them just outside the door.

Daniel draws inspiration from the strangeness of everyday life to conjure up exaggerated characters (be they elongated or stout, bespectacled or mustached) and inventive street scenes, all full of color and activity and detail.

spread 5

Atop a Hill in Frostville is published by Little Otsu

Frostville cover.jpg

In the Picture: Illustration in Times of War

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Wednesday 16 April 2014, 7:00pm

Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place, London, W2 1QJ

Is there still room for illustration in hard-news stories?

We are flooded with images taken by cameras and phones which often struggle to have the impact that they did 50 years ago. In a society that has become so desensitised to photographs of war, can illustration be used to better encapsulate a situation and connect with the viewer?


In 2013 George Butler‘s drawings from war-damaged Syrian towns were used in The Guardian, The Times and on the BBC World News. He will be presenting his work and talking about how he produces it. George will be joined by Malik Meer, features editor for The Guardian and editor of the G2 supplement, to discuss the appeal of his illustrations.

Tickets available here

SCBWI Annual Illustrators Showcase

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Until 2 May

TimberYard,  Seven Dials, 7 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2H 9DL

SCBWI_2014 Showcase flyer2

OFF LIFE – Comic review

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Review by Nicola Manuel

OFF LIFE. A collaborative mix of the best indie talent formed to create the UK’s only street press comic magazine. Oh and it’s free!


This publication was created by Daniel Humphry; Editor, Steve Leard; Designer and Lucy Rice; Copy Editor. Their eighth issue has recently been printed and distributed, full of alternative visuals for your eyes. Forget about the Incredible Hulk, these characters certainly have their own unique stories.

FOR WEBOff Life - Joe List-Ryan Gillett

Meet some of the comic artists and their stories; they really do range in style and narrative…

A chattering woman on her phone on a train journey, that ditzy character that we all could relate to, in ‘Things that people do…’ by Ana Galvan. Why Earth seems to be giving the other planets headaches in ‘Space Noise’ by Lizz Lunney. A music record shared by a couple that sounds like no other in ‘This Record Will Save You From Yourself’ by Emix Regulus and a builder with that typical builders bottom on a brick wall, relating to the Nursery Rhyme we all know so well, ‘Humphrey Dumpty The Short Tale’ by Ryan Gillet. These are just a selection of the comics published in the magazine.


As a feature there is an interview with Great Beast, a publisher that works with artists to retain rights to their work, made up by comic artists Marc Ellerby and Adam Cadwell. It has a great insight into their own comic work and what pushed them to make the leap from artists to publisher. “The aim is that creators can self-publish to a professional standard, with our channels and audience available to them,” says Adam Cadwell.


For an inspirational look into contemporary comics and to support this beautifully printed magazine, make sure you get yourself a copy of Issue#8 out now, at one of their many stockists in London or Bristol. Don’t miss out on their main website as well, for full information about who, what, why and when as well as this talented online platform for comic artists.

“It’s a bleak new world, but somebody’s got to fill it with comics.” – Daniel Humphry.

More on Off Life

Artworks exhibition

Monday, April 7th, 2014


The Artworks illustration agency are holding an exhibition at The London Book Fair from 8-10th April at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road, London, UK, SW5 9TA.

The Artworks Gallery will be in the Children’s Centre opposite the seating area Earls court 1 A440. As well as the exhibition, the AOI member agency will be holding a series of talks featuring some of their illustrators and collaborative publishers that will be held over the course of the 3 day event. You can find out more and get tickets for the fair on The London Book fair website.

Illustration in India and the UK

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Report from Shalini Agrawal

While art and sculpture was always encouraged by most rulers of india, the practice of art was always considered more of a hobby than a profession.

The creative industries and design enjoy a premier position in Britain, but it is a relatively new area of interest in India. New design universities are popping up, and jobs being created. Illustration, on the other hand, has been around for a very long time. Both art and ‘commercial art’ have a large audience in both India and UK. But art and design has only recently been accepted as a professional career, which used to be dismissed before as a hobby.

This acceptance was brought around by creatives in India striving to create awareness. Organisations like The Animation Society of India (TASI), and Katha (an NGO to further story-telling for children) regularly hold workshops, film festivals and other events to encourage and help creatives. Britain has a lot of avenues to get your work published; illustration magazines, forums, blogs and websites that cater exclusively to illustrators. But the 100% zine is India’s first visual art zine which showcases original work by contemporary artists, illustrators and visual artists. Whereas there are independent film magazines like Little White Lies, which uses a lot of illustration, India has yet to explore such areas.

Illustrators, who so far, were focused on children’s books, comics or graphic novels are beginning to expand their interests to the many lucrative branches of illustration. That said, the illustration scene in India is still based mostly on children’s books and mythology-based graphic novels. Also, while there is a resurgence of interest in traditional media in UK, such as print-making, collages and mixed media, digital art is quickly replacing traditional media in India. Be it animation or illustration, the demand in India is for the digital. Although, such works are indeed finding an audience elsewhere. For example, as Issue 17 of Varoom pointed out, the Bollywood hand-painted posters have now found a global audience.

As more and more projects are being outsourced to freelance illustrators in India from the UK, the scope of the illustration industry in India is all set to expand.


Shalini Agrawal was an AOI intern in 2013