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Pro-Action on Artists Newsletter

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Whenever we get a pricing enquiry about pricing original artworks, we direct our members to Artists Newsletter’s Knowledge Bank.

It has come full circle where A-N (as they are more affectionately known) have posted our Pro-Action campaign on their website and to their members.


Paul Davis joins the AOI

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The AOI would like to welcome our latest member and Varoom columnist, the infamous Paul Davis.

As a welcome present to us and to all the AOI’s Members, Paul has drafted up one hundred and fifty three ‘Illocliches’ for us to laugh and learn from. Take heed.




1.    heads with thought bubbles

2.    thumbs up

3.    numbers around the world

4.    man/woman pointing

5.    handshake

6.    pedestal

7.    diagrams/charts/graphs

8.    computers

9.    ‘communication’

10. travel

11. global warming

12. trees

13. cars

14. pollution

15. recycling

16. man at computer

17. woman on telephone

18. scales

19. pile of coins

20. hands

21. heart

22. temperature gauge

23. dog eat dog

24. obama/brown/ahmedinejad/etc.

25. glass half empty/full

26. a credit card

27. ill wind

28. wallet

29. folk on mobile

30. entrepreneur

31. cogs

32. juggling

33. gun

34. binoculars/telescope/magnifying

35. glass/microscope

36. mouse

37. syringe piggy bank

38. useless unfunny cartoons

39. printer/scanner

40. broker floor

41. octopus man

42. people having gay sex

43. oppression

44. long noses

45. briefcase

46. currencies in boxes

47. mouse and elephant

48. flip chart

49. satellite/dish

50. globe

51. boardroom table

52. running businessmen

53. cock fighting

54. seal with ball

55. fist

56. broken pencil

57. lightbulb above a wolf

58. circuit board saying ‘fuck’

59. the bible/koran

60. religious  types

61. beards getting longer/growth

62. jigsaw pieces

63. cap/begging

64. a passport

65. beast of burden

66. office furniture; filing cabinet/chair with spikes/

67. money box/pens etc.

68. travel modes

69. locks/keys

70. a pyramid of despair

71. a post-it note

72. shackles broken

73. fat arse

74. radio/tv/antenna

75. twat in the box

76. sieve

77. a factory with smoke

78. maze in head

79. pointy finger

80. chemistry receptacle

81. imbalanced biceps

82. tightrope

83. no jam in doughnut

84. brain on stick

85. dna saying ‘oh shite’

86. a drug/tablet saying ‘peace’, horror, etc.

87. bridges

88. open door with brick wall

89. bowl of spaghetti

90. road going all complicated

91. fork in road

92. mortgage sign

93. clocks with the wrong numbers

94. knife in the back

95. sunrise

96. bombs

97. house

98. being attacked by elements

99. mountaineers on currencies

100.               ladders to maze

101.               chip on shoulder

102.               aeroplane

103.               wheelchair with nike symbol

104.               hard hat with addidas stripes

105.               ear trumpet

106.               man with eye-patch

107.               black and white dancing

108.               woman with dumb-bells with ear trumpets

109.               theatre masks

110.               greyhound and fat dog

111.               a target

112.               a trophy  devil/angel

113.               shark and bigger minnow

114.               big revolver/cannon

115.               ‘this pen writes really positive graphs’

116.               00123 face

117.               hour glass full of weapons

118.               mortar board with ‘a third’ bubble

119.               a cell ‘nasty’ and ‘rather helpful’

120.               dog chasing its tail

121.               can of worms with human faces

122.               inaccurate compass

123.               crane with venn

124.               burning house

125.               a pot

126.               head with venn inside

127.               cutlery with the world on a plate

128.               the world on a spit

129.               hammer/egg with ‘business’ above

130.               presentation board

131.               fucking nest egg waste of time drawing

132.               boxes that fucking need to be ticked

133.               interview: tiny chair v big chair

134.               bar code

135.               ‘symbolic mountain’

136.               fish hook v big net

137.               baseball bat v table-tennis bat

138.               lion v mosquito

139.               calculator

140.               wine/beer glass

141.               a toilet

142.               plumbing

143.               misc. tools

144.               chef

145.               watering can ‘hope’

146.               king/pawn ‘what?’

147.               tractor

148.               yin yang

149.               jewish/islam/christianity/

150.               nail/hand

151.               dog collar

152.               workers with forks

153.               household goods

Blue Suede Shoes exhibition

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Friday 4th March to Sunday 1st May 2011

Apthorp Gallery, Arts Depot, 5 Nether Street, Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley, London N12 0GA

Welcome to ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, a game played by illustration collective ‘Gumbo’.

Using the well known phrase ‘Blue Suede shoes’ as a starting point, this group of artists have played a game of ‘pass it on’  to produce a sequence of new illustrations that will be on display in the gallery. Through a series of word changes the story twists and turns to take you on a surreal journey into the imagination; thus Blue Suede Shoes becomes ‘Blue Suede Dinosaur’, transforming neatly into ‘Blue dinosaur soup’, and so on and so forth….

The ‘Blue Suede shoes’ book is available as a limited edition of 100 with a screen printed cover, produced in collaboration with Duke press. ‘Gumbo’ are comprised of AOI members Sandra Howgate, Sarah Horne, Eivind Gulliksen, Harriet Russell and Samara Andrews and Chris Andrews.

Gumbo work independently as illustrators on our own projects as well as together on books and exhibitions.

Design Museum draws – tonight

Friday, February 25th, 2011


Friday 25 February 2011, 6 – 10pm, £7.50?With the last chance to see Drawing Fashion, be inspired to create your own folio of fashion illustrations and capture the essence of fabulous frocks by emerging designers.

Join a master class by Howard Tangye and live illustrating with illustrators ready to inspire your own creative endeavour: ?Lilli  English?Alexie  Sommer?Sam Hoey?Alex  Godwin?Gi  Myao?Jade  Cummings?Katya  Sommer?Cassian  Opara?Ekaterina  Kukhareva?Rosalyn Benjamin.

Create a fashion illustration with London College of Fashion drawing and illustration lecturer Ana Stankovic- Fitzgerald, and resident Design Museum illustrator Echo Morgan. Special guest artist and fashion illustrator Sonya Todd will also be displaying artwork she created for major advertising campaigns in the 60’s.

Picture 1

Now Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011 has opened, cast your vote for who you think should win in our people’s choice by illustrating a ballot card with your favourite nomination. Its also type time at the Design Museum. Learn about theShape My Language display from creator Bruno Maag and let him guide you through illustrating your own letter fitting in with his unique alphabet.

Booking?Tickets £7.50 in advance, includes entry to current exhibitions.?T 0207 940 8783?E [email protected]?w Ticketweb ?£10 on the door

Picture 2

Membership Co-Ordinator Paul Ryding paints window in Hoxton Square for Unit9

Friday, February 18th, 2011

when not attending to the AOI Members every need, Paul Ryding (who is the membership co-ordinator and first point of contact for the AOI) was commissioned by Unit9 as part of their Hoxton Window Project. Previous artists have been AOI Member Jon Burgerman. See both artworks and videos here.


see the project with videos at

Marian’s valentines

Monday, February 14th, 2011

We were delighted to receive  a rare treat in the form of a set of Valentines from Marian Bantjes – the typographic illustrator extraordinaire. Marian is contributing to Varoom magazine each issue, and created a great work on the theme of Relationships for Varoom 14.

Marain B valentines

You have to be on a special list to receive these  – so we’re honoured! Who needs to be in love? Check out Marian’s new site for more beautiful artworks, or hold your breath for her upcoming contribution to the next Varoom in April.

Marain B valentines2