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Shepard Fairey: NO, YOU CAN’T!

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Iconic artist Shepard Fairey who is iconic for his iconic OBEY images, has landed himself in hot water with his other iconic image of iconic President Obama. It seems that no matter how iconic you are, copyright can still come back to bite you.

It has been an ongoing battle of copyright since photographer Mannie Garcia spotted her image being used as source material for the HOPE posters seen all over last years election run-up in the US. Intially she was perfectly okay with it but then opinions changed once the Obama campaign took off. And copyright laws are now on her side.

obamahopeleft: photo by Mannie Garcia / right: image by Shepard Fairey

At the AOI, we frequently get asked these sort of questions. If I use a photograph as source material, then am I violating copyright? The answer is YES everytime. Even if you treat the photo, distort it and colourise it as Fairey has then you can still get significantly stung a few years down the line.

And to avoid being stung ourselves for copyright violation, the above information was taken from the wonderful and more coherent Petapixel

Where The Wild Things Are – Geoff McFetridge

Thursday, January 28th, 2010


Nieves Books have just released this lovely book by Geoff McFetridge. He has this to say:

This book is a small collection of some of the work I have done for Spike Jonze’s film adaptation of the book Where the Wild Things Are. I met Spike around 1998 and I have worked with him a lot over the years. This usually involved creating piles of work that amounted to a very small contribution to the project. This never bothered me, because it was an incredibly creative, fun and rewarding process that led up to the scrapping of my work!


I noticed a difference when I began working on Where the Wild Things Are. For the first time I felt that Spike and I were working on a project where I could actually contribute in a significant way. Much less of what I was making was being thrown away, which was a first. I was given the opportunity to interpret not only Spike Jonze’s interpretation of Where the Wild Things Are, but also Maurice Sendak’s original book.


Like any kid growing up in the 70’s I was greatly influenced by Mr. Sendak’s books. His books are not just on my bookshelf they are in my blood. What I did with the titles, type treatments and marketing graphics also owes greatly to the heavy creative lifting done by Sonny Gerasimowicz who designed the creatures in the film and the Art Direction of K.K. Barrett.

Geoff McFetridge

Exhibition GOLD – Jessica Romberg

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

We got some stunning postcards through the post all the way from Vancouver this morning. Illustrator Jessica Romberg will be exhibiting 60 portraits of Olympic Gold Medalists through time at Gravity Pope, 2205 West 4th Avenue 5-29th of Feburary. If you can’t make it then marvel at the samples she sent us below.





Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Popshot have published their second issue of illustration & poetry entitled “Us & Them”. Topics include prejudice, hierarchy, class, the rat race and the possibility of us being replace by robots. Also contains the work of AOI Members and Staff. Buy your copy here.


Following George Butler

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

We’re enjoying illustrator George Butler’s journey from the UK to the Equator – interesting reportage drawing along the way.
He’s currently winding his way through Tunisia, sketchbook in hand. See the journey unfold on the Times travel blog.

GButler3GButler2GButler1A drawing of all his equipment for the journey to the equator.

NoBrow Flickr competition

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Nobrow asks you to submit one image of a person you’ve never met, and one other image illustrating a conversation you’ve never had. This can be a drawing, photograph, collage, etching, or whatever medium you want. A selection of the submissions will then be compiled and made into a book published by Nobrow Press.


click image above to enter

Pro-Action campaign on Digital Arts

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Digital Arts have highlighted the campaign that Pro-Action is waging for better contracts for illustrators. If you’ve not already, sign up to petition and support better deals for illustrators.