Aaron Meshon





Aaron illustrates and designs for editorial, advertising, products, and books around the world. Aaron's first Children's book: " Take me out to the Yakyu" was on the New York Times top 100 of 2013 and received 4 starred reviews. Someday Aaron would like to sell his products from a small sweet potato truck in rural Japan. Aaron lives with his wife and their French Bulldog, Chubu in Brooklyn New York.

Aaron illustrated all the things he loves about his home borough, Brooklyn for a 24x36 inch promotional poster for his clients and hopefully for resale in the future. He originally drew the piece at true scale at 24x36 inches in pen and scanned and coloured the piece over a month in Photoshop. Aaron tried to jam in as many ice cream cones and French bulldogs as he could. 

I'm so happy to have my work recognized across the pond. After all the UK has a higher standard... Morrissey, beautiful men's shoes, perfect gardens, country lanes and high streets. Thanks so much for recognising me and my hometown of Brooklyn. It is really an honor!”


BRIEF: To Illustrate a map of Brooklyn.

MATERIALS: Pen and Ink on Watercolor paper. Scanned and colored in Photoshop.

RESEARCH: 19 years living in NYC. 8 years living in Brooklyn. Many countless years eating pizza and ice cream while staring at NYC architecture. 

PROCESS: Things normally come to be in a long bath and I knew for many baths that I wanted to make a tribute poster / map of my hometown. It took a while to figure out how to fit in general neighborhoods and give some shout outs to different foods and cultures in some of the more well known neighborhoods while getting the street grid as correct as I could. Brooklyn is not as tidy a grid system as Manhattan! 

RESISTANCES: Mostly the street system and the cramps in my drawing hand as this piece took a solid month! 

INSIGHT: Public Housing is large and thus easier to draw than smaller houses and brownstones. Giant Ice creams and Popsicles also take up a large amount of space. 

DISTRACTIONS: "Why am a spending so much time on this" and " My younger hand did not cramp up like this" and a French Bulldog scratching at my feet constantly wanting to be held. 

NUMBERS: 24 x 36 inches : original pen and ink drawing. 30 days and 15 nights coloring the piece. 1 large format scanner still having to split the original into 10 scans. 2 "DELETER" Japanese NEOPIKO-LINE-3 pens used and 1 Staedtler 2H Pencil and 1 Staedtler large eraser used. 20 minutes spent sweeping the eraser shavings up. 

AFTERWORDS: I printed 1000 copies of this as a poster for give aways to clients and for sale online.  It was fun and challenging to not only make a new illustration piece, but to think about the resale, packaging, and consumer aspects of it as well. 

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