Ben Aslett





2009 - IMAGES 33

Ben Aslett is a Designer and Illustrator living Plymouth, UK. He graduated in 2009 from University of Plymouth where he studied Illustration. Ben is a Graphic Designer by day, and an Illustrator by night. Most evenings he can be found at his home studio stimulating his visual cortex and straining his optic nerves.

“The images really came about with no real thought. I had been collecting these old photographs and liked the idea of juxtaposing these with a crude digital drawing style. There’s something almost sinister about the images that I really enjoyed. For me the exercise was really just about playing having fun making images and seeing what came out the other end. I created a few of these types of images over period of month or so and eventually collated them in an artist book.”

“I received the New Talent award in my final year of University and it really gave me confidence in my career choice and some credibility as a new Illustrator. Its an award that I think has some real standing and something that I’m really proud to have received.”

BRIEF: There was no real brief. I guess my only thought was 'I want to play and have fun making images'.

MATERIALS: Found photography, Adobe Photoshop.

RESEARCH: Junk shops and car boots.

PROCESS: Trawling junk shops and car boots, scanning, Adobe Photoshop.

RESISTANCES: Student life.

INSIGHT: Importance of play and making images just for the fun of it is something that I've really tried to hold on to as my work continues to develop.

DISTRACTIONS: Student life.


FINAL THOUGHTS: My image making moved in a very different direction but these images remind me of a very specific time when I was just having fun making images. I’m quite fond of them.

Aslett Aslett