Ian Whadcock





2004 - IMAGES 28

As an illustrator Ian has worked consistently with a diverse range of Editorial, Design and Advertising commissions for over 25 years. A great deal of his work originates from the business, financial and economics sectors of publishing where the ability to derive creative solutions from data heavy analytical content is the order of the day. 

Ian has maintained a link with higher education throughout his career, acting as a visiting lecturer for a number of courses across the UK. In January 2014 he returned to Manchester School of Art as a 0.5 post on the BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation course where he enjoys the combined practice of artist/researcher/collaborator and educator. Ian is a long time member and supporter of the AOI. 

Commissioned by John-Henry Barac at the Guardian this was the second of three illustrations commissioned over a weekend for a feature in what was then the Life section of G2. The article looked at the number of options you have if you wish to donate your body to science after your death, the winning entry focused on the scientist in the USA who had permission to dispose of bodies in open land in various environmental conditions and to monitor the process of decay for the purpose of informing autopsy investigations.


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