Naomi  Tipping





2004 - IMAGES 28

Naomi produces figurative and friendly illustrations, which are both humorous and thought provoking. Her inspiration comes from personal experiences and the funny things people say. A wide range of publishing and editorial clients include The Daily Telegraph, Frances Lincoln, Harper Collins, The Independent, John Lewis, The Labour Party, Oxford University Press, Psychologies Magazine, The Radio Times and The TES.

Granny’s Marbles was produced in Naomi’s final year at Loughborough University.  It’s a story all about her Gran who suffered from dementia and is an affectionate look at her quest to find her missing marbles.

“Winning the award was a real boost for me and gave me the confidence to get down to London and promote myself.  It helped me to believe that I could really make it as an illustrator!”

BRIEF: To write and illustrate a picture book aimed at adults that take a humorous yet sympathetic glance at the difficulties of ageing.

MATERIALS: Pencil, paint and inks, collage, found materials, Adobe Photoshop.

RESEARCH: I spent a lot of time drawing my Gran. I filled sketchbooks with drawings of her and her things and all the funny things she said.

PROCESS: Lots of research – mainly drawing my Gran, writing the story, putting the images together.

RESISTANCES: I worried a lot about what my Gran would think about the book.  She didn’t know what I was doing and she didn’t like to think she was “losing her marbles”.

INSIGHT: I gained a real insight into my Gran and her life whilst I was working on this. Drawing her so much made me get to know her even better. We had a great time too.

DISTRACTIONS: I wasn’t too distracted whilst working on “Granny’s Marbles”.  I was at University at the time and had the total luxury of being able to totally immerse myself in a project with no pressure of deadlines, client demands, etc…  Those were the days!

NUMBERS: This is number 1 of Granny’s Marbles. I’m currently working on number 2, which I’ve adapted to be more suitable for children.  Watch this space!

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s great to have “Granny’s Marbles” to look at and to show to my children. I think it really captures her character and it helps me to remember everything that was so brilliant and quirky about her.

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