Lizzie Mary Cullen





2012 - IMAGES 36

Lizzie is an artist/illustrator who draws things with pens. Specialising in psycho-geographic urban mapping and art, Lizzie has exhibited internationally and her clients include MTV, First Direct, Harvey Nichols, HTC, Oxfam, Lewis Hamilton and Aquafresh.

“Somerset House was the perfect commission piece - create a psycho-geographic map of the Lightwells at Somerset House to promote their new event venue. I had lots of creative freedom to do my thing, and I think that's perhaps why it turned out so nicely.” 

“It's was great to win Gold - I couldn't believe it, and extremely happy and humbled to have won. It's been lovely telling people. Subsequently my growing ego has had trouble fitting through doors of late.”

BRIEF: Capture the Dickensian history of the Lightwells below Somerset House

MATERIALS: Rapidograph pen on 90gsm tracing paper

RESEARCH: Walking around Somerset House, smelling walls and feeling stones and pretending I was in the olden days.

PROCESS: Put coffee on; shut the door, load up iTunes playlist then freestyle drawing until it's finished.

RESISTANCES: Tight deadline, completed in 2 days. Then mac broke so had to borrow one to scan and convert to digital file.

INSIGHT: I do well under pressure.

DISTRACTIONS: My rabbit Maud was hankering for attention but I gave her a carrot and then she left me alone.

NUMBERS: 2 rapidograph sizes, 2 ink cartridges, 2 breakdowns, 2 repeats of extensive iTunes playlist. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: Hot bath and beer.

Cullen Cullen