Rosemary Lloyd





2011 - IMAGES 35

Rose Lloyd is a Manchester based illustrator who experiments with texture, printing and mark making in her studio, which she then incorporates in her illustrations. She hopes her work is recognisable with her combination of soft graphics, texture, shape, bold colour and a suggestion of humour. Rose’s work has been published in a number of magazines and newspapers and in advertising campaigns. 

Rose was commissioned by 999 Design Manchester to produce an illustration suitable for a large poster and accompanying leaflets for a Spring Concert by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. 

Winning the award and having the illustration exhibited brought in work for Rose from clients who may not have seen her work before. She was also asked to exhibit her work in a gallery and her image has been published in Alan Male’s book Meeting The Brief.

BRIEF: Produce an image, which would appeal to both adults and children and therefore encourage them to pick up the leaflets. The concert was about introducing children to classical music. The illustration also needed to be suitable for a poster and leaflet.

MATERIALS: Layout pad and sharp pencils for the many sketches. Textures some of which were made using printed tissue paper.

RESEARCH: Talking to a music professional about appropriate pieces of music.  Choosing the right colour palette for spring and to for it to be eye-catching. Thinking how I could incorporate the date, which was Mothering Sunday.

PROCESS: When the right sketch was ready and the textures produced the illustration was then put together using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

RESISTANCES: The challenge was to avoid using obvious images of musical instruments, but merely to imply, or hint. It was also important not to have too many elements in the image.

INSIGHT: Finding out that musical people would naturally try to read music out of notes in an image; therefore an actual piece of music – not random notes - had to be used. Also that adding an eyelash to simple shape could produce an endearing character.

DISTRACTIONS: A very vocal, jealous cat that wanted attention.

NUMBERS: 3 very hungry, 1 inquisitive and 1 very tired.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The birds have become very fond friends.

Lloyd Lloyd