Ben Weeks





2006 - IMAGES 30

Ben Weeks was born in Toronto, grew up in Ireland, received his diploma in Illustration from Sheridan College in 2003 and Master's Degree from the University of Huddersfield in England on a full scholarship in 2004. Ben started his independent practice in 2005. He collaborates with leading Design Directors to create visual experiences that inform, charm and persuade. He lives with his wife and daughter in Toronto.

Selected Clients include Pentagram, Microsoft, HP, Penguin, VSA Partners, Concrete, RBC Investor Services, Juniper Park, PEN Canada, New York Times Magazine, Kesselskramer, the Walrus, MacLaren McCann, the Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek, YMCA, Esquire Black Book, Honda and others.

“I can lead the conceptualisation of concise explainer videos executed to a higher standard of quality than most of what's out there. The artwork the AOI exhibited is now framed on my wall. After receiving my award my ego and I gave each other a high five.”

BRIEF: It was a personal piece so there was no brief.

PROCESS: Accessing my subconscious a little bit. 

RESISTANCES: Limited time to capture elements at stops.

INSIGHT: People like things that are imaginative, novel and unthreatening. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: I just showed this in a meeting and it got a good response all these years later - "Do something edgy like this." 

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