Ian Whadcock


23.00 ROME



2003 - IMAGES 27

As an illustrator Ian has worked consistently with a diverse range of Editorial, Design and Advertising commissions for over 25 years. A great deal of his work originates from the business, financial and economics sectors of publishing where the ability to derive creative solutions from data heavy analytical content is the order of the day. 

Ian has maintained a link with higher education throughout his career, acting as a visiting lecturer for number of courses across the UK. In January 2014 he returned to Manchester School of Art as a 0.5 post on the BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation course where he enjoys the combined practice of artist/researcher/collaborator and educator. Ian is a long time member and supporter of the AOI. 

The brief required the depiction of a given time and a place (in this case 11pm Rome) with the requirement to invent the possible incident that could be occurring. The news at the time relayed tales of the city plagued by youths on scooters, therefore the idea evolved with the Coliseum as a clock face using the statue and column/shadow to depict the time and the seven hills of Rome and the Times Roman font/Roman numerals used to add graphic links to the city as location. The winning image is still one Ian enjoys.


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